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The Perception Of An Art Management Student s Eyes Essay

Arts, the essential and necessary part of human daily life, can bring human satisfaction, happiness and give them a creative and colorful life as well. Music, operas, and plays go deeply into our human’s life, but nobody notices that the art industry has a shortfall and received limited helps from government right now. In the perception of an art management student’s eyes, the art have a shortage in human resources, which will strongly affect human’s life transparently. This issue can break down into five pieces. Lacking of human resources means there will be a low college enrollment rate in art area, no great marketing director in art organization, low employee rate and low wages, low art manager to manage organization’s program, and the community will have a low evaluation of art. First of all, art majors’ students have less financial grant helps, which means that the government provides less educational funds to the art students. As we all know , business is the most popular college majors and students can received many government’s helps. The only financial help that the government provided to the art major students is some kinds of financial aid. There are no federal grants that directly provide to the art majors’ students and the only sector can provide grant is the private sector. Private sectors have many limitations and requests for the students who apply to their grants. The opportunities will be highly competitive and hardly to find. (College Scholarship). FewShow MoreRelatedWhy Men Are More Talented At Design Than Women1484 Words   |  6 PagesSubkoff said in an interview. It s more common for a man to bring up a younger assistant who is male and be proud of that, she added, whereas a woman would be threatened to promote another woman. The Council of Fashion Designers of America, a trade group that vets those who apply for membership, is made up of 121 women and 156 men. Since 1986 its annual Perry Ellis awards for young talent have been given to 8 women and 29 men (20 of them openly gay). Who s Who in Fashion, a directory publishedRead MoreRecognizing Relationships And Making Connections Essay1128 Words   |  5 Pages Being home educated throughout the duration of high school, I found that much of my education came from being self motivated and self taught. Having come from a family that was focused on education and my social skillsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬ my Father with a Bachelor s in education, and my mother teaching my brother and me at homeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬ I felt strongly about reading and gaining knowledge in various areas of interest. However, I excelled most expediently in any coursework that had a creative or expressive quality to itRead MoreAutism And The Effects Of Art Therapy1850 Words   |  8 Pages Autism and the Effects of Art Therapy Autism is a disorder in early brain development that effects social interactions, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive disorders (Pace, Dumortier, Favre-Juvin, Guinot, Bricout, 2016). It is recognized that children with ASD have difficulties with social engagements and expressing emotions, however some are well liked and do not struggle in social relationships (Locke, Williams, Shih, Kasari, 2016). Over time there has been an increaseRead MoreLeadership Characteristics Of Effective Transformational Leadership1465 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom my leader, Linda. Ewing (2016), defined communication as the art and science of transmitting information, involving both verbal and nonverbal methods. One example of Linda providing effective communication was during the rapid response for a patient under my care who was unresponsive. During this time, Linda provided direct direction to fellow team members and myself. Linda calmly prompted everyone and provided effective management of care for the patient, but furthermore respecting her team andRead MoreHistorical Perspective On The Use Of Simulation For Surgical Education2254 Words   |  10 Pages Historical Perspective on the Use of Simulation in Surgical Education Lily Chiu Bsc.Pharm Medical Student, class of 2017 (VFMP) Abstract Simulation is sometimes discussed as a modern innovation in surgical education when in fact, various modes of simulation have been used to teach medicine and surgery for several millennia. Their evolution is a reflection of both the maturation of an individual surgeon and the development of the surgical profession as a whole. As the responsibilitiesRead MoreComputerized Identification System4622 Words   |  19 Pagescomputerized identification system is used to verify the identity of a person. The data is stored in a database of a server. An identification card is a card giving identifying data about a person, as full name, address, age, and color of hair and eyes, and often containing a photograph: for use as identification at a place of employment, school, club, etc. There are various types of identification systems available and implemented across the globe. These are Biometric (finger, hand or iris recognition)Read MoreSkills Needed to Be an Effective Manager8864 Words   |  36 PagesCHAPTER I The Problem and Its Background Introduction This chapter discussed the awareness of the students of Arellano University Jose Abad Santos Campus in regards to the skills needed to become an effective manager, it emphasizes the technical, human and conceptual skills that has more important to the managers to manage a certain department. Hospitality Industry is broad and diverse; organizations within it share some things in common. One is the need for staff members with a varietyRead MoreTravel and Tourism Administration Program Structure20692 Words   |  83 Pages(Beginners) 16 GER 122 – German (Beginners) TOTAL 18hrs 18cr SEMESTER THREE Compulsory subjects: 17 TOU 215 – Travel and Tourism Management 3 3 18 TOU 226 – Fares Ticketing III 3 3 19 MAR 101 – Marketing Principles 3 3 20 ACC201- Financial Accounting 3 3 21 BUS 201-Principles of Management 3 3 Electives: One of the following three 22 STA 111 – Quantitative Methods I 23 FRE 211 – French Language (Intermediate) or 24 GER 211Read MoreBusiness Research Methods2735 Words   |  11 Pagesproblems are more complicated in studies involving subjective issues such as customer satisfaction surveys because in such a study, the quality and effectiveness of the service/ product varies among different customers depending on the customer s perceived value of the offering, their prefferences and varying needs and demands. One of the most common problem the researcher faces are budgetary constraints. This occurs in almost all the business researches regarless of the company sector, natureRead MorePerceived Stress Levels and Stress Management Among Paramedical Students Lyceum of the Philippines University: Towards Stress Management Enhancement15005 Words   |  61 PagesPerceived Stress Levels and Stress Management Among Paramedical Students Lyceum of the Philippines University: Towards Stress Management Enhancement Maribel D. Mayuga-Barrion, DDM, MAT It is recognized that stress is a normally occurring part of life. Selye was the first to describe the term stress as a state produced within an organism subjected to a stimulus perceived as a threat (Selye, 1957). He spoke of stress as a condition that occurs commonly in response to any adaptive response within

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